John Janelli, Conservation Force Advisory Staff, SCI Trophy Preparation

“I may be in NJ, but certainly not a stranger to Quality Fur Dressing. Your organization is absolutely amazing. You’re the best tannery I have ever dealt with.”

John Janelli

Conservation Force Advisory Staff - SCI Trophy Preparation

Terry Hillger of Trophy Taxidermy

Thanks for all you do.

Terry Hillger

Trophy Taxidermy

QFD testimonial - Josh

“I just wanted to say the hides turned out great. Really impressed how nice and clean the 4horn full hide turned out!”

Josh Perkins

North Texas Wildlife

Raymond Montoya

“From the moment we called Quality Fur Dressing we were impressed! We were looking for a new tanner as ours was taking nearly a year to return capes and hides and we had heard about Quality Fur Dressing. The office staff was AMAZING and explained everything we would need to know as new customers. The level of professionalism is refreshing; we are so glad to have found a tanner that meets all of our needs!”

Raymond and Kimberly Montoya

Simply Skulls

“The best tannery, good quality, and fast turn around.”

JR Lagunas

Cypress Taxidermy By Junior

I have owned and operated my Taxidermy business for 50 years. The art of Taxidermy has really become one of the best. Sometimes too good, to the point of looking like replicas — too much styling. The most important consideration in this art of Taxidermy is the QUALITY OF THE FUR DRESS. Today many fur dress businesses do an excellent product, but your samples that you sent to me are as good or better than any that I have ever seen. Thanks again for the samples and the price list. Don Lawing

Don Lawing

Rowdy Woodson | Thank you Quality Fur Dressing | The Leader in Fur Dressing

“I have been in business for over 22 years and have used tanneries all over the United States. When we started with Quality Fur Dressing we knew there was no other tannery that could even come close to their work. We mount animals from all over the world and to turn out quality work it starts with great tanning. I would like to thank Quality Fur Dressing and all their wonderful staff for making Woods & Water Taxidermy a 1st class operation.”

Rowdy Woodson

Woods & Water Taxidermy

“I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the service you have given Reimbo’s Taxidermy. Your lead times and quality are outstanding, thanks to all for the efforts. I appreciate it greatly.”



Glenn Reimer

Reimbo's Taxidermy